Capsicum Contract Catering now provides the catering in eight schools and colleges and two nurseries in the Island. In delivering our service we are guided by principles of ensuring children and students receive a balanced, healthy diet. We work alongside the States of Jersey in delivering the three-year ‘Healthy Eating for Schools’ campaign

We are also fully committed to supplying sustainable food to our schools and nurseries and are passionate about ensuring we and our suppliers adhere to best practice in all links in the food chain, from sourcing to preparation to serving. By sourcing locally wherever possible to limit the food miles incurred, the distance food travels from sea or field to plate is kept to a minimum. Some of the best natural products and foods are readily available on Jersey’s doorstep and we are proud to advertise this to the Children, Students and Teachers we serve.

We also are working in partnership with local suppliers to provide great food produced in Jersey where ever possible.

Wise Pay

Credits made online will appear immediately on your WisePay account. However the credit will not appear on your child’s Smart Card, nor will your child’s purchases appear on your WisePay account for up to 17 hours following the transaction or if the transaction is after on Friday, until the following Monday at 8 a.m. This reason for the delay is because the school tills are synchronised with information from the WisePay system twice daily (except weekends) at around and 3 p.m

Please click on the relevant link below to access the WisePay payment link for your child’s school. Please ensure you have your child’s smart card number available (not applicable for VCP) as it is required to register and allocate payments. 

 De La Salle Primary FCJ Primary Grainville Haute Vallée Hautlieu
Les Quennevais Victoria College Victoria College Prep De La Salle College  


Jersey Pottery have installed the new till and payment system called ‘Smart Card’ in the catering facilities at the above schools.

The card works as a credit facility and enables your child to purchase, amongst many other items, hot meals, sandwiches, salad/pasta pots, fruit pots, home made soups, snacks and drinks that are available in the restaurants and bistros without having to take cash into school. The cards are ‘topped up’ using a secure online payment system called ‘Wise Pay’.

You will also be able to view daily, the card’s purchases each time you log onto your account. The card allows you the peace of mind that your child is not carrying cash all day and that they are using the school restaurant for approved food and drinks within the Jersey school food standards.



Your child will be able to obtain their first card free by handing in the signed letter sent to you to their School Office or Reception.

For Hautlieu only, please ask your child to hand the signed letter to one of the catering team during the agreed collection time ( 8.30 am – 10.00 am and 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm) to help ease the queuing at the till for card collection during breaks. The cards will be distributed from the Catering office in the restaurant area.

Once you have the card you will need to register on-line and credit your account. This is done through the relevant school link above and is accessible to use 24 hours, 7 days a week. On the website you need to go to the ‘Restaurants & Catering’ section followed by the ‘Schools & Contract Catering’ section and click on the relevant school link. You will need your child’s card number to do this.

Cash will still be accepted within the Café and vending machines.


Sustainable Fish 

We work with local fisherman to supply fresh, sustainable fish for our menus where local supplies allow this. We offer a fish dish at least twice a week for the children, including our very popular homemade fishcakes. For a short film demonstrating how we have achieved this with local fish in one of our schools, please click here.

Jersey Produce

We are very proud to support and encourage the Jersey farmers and food producers. Ensuring we source, use and promote our Island’s products wherever possible is a very important part of our food standards.


Organic Gardens

We are also working with the Schools to develop organic gardens to use not only to supply the Kitchen with fresh produce & herbs but also to use in educating the children in classes about seasonal produce.

We currently have trials with two sites with composting wormeries, which produce home made plant feed and compost for the organic gardens. These are a useful tool to teach the children about recycling.

Theme Days

Our catering team, often with the support and help of a selected class or year group, plan and serve a regular themed menu to the children.

The themes will be linked to either a specific topic being taught in school, a charitable cause being championed by the school or a country to highlight their traditional food flavours, bringing new tastes to the children.

To enhance the theme our teams dress accordingly and decorate the counter and dining areas. 

Contact us

If you would like any further information or have any comments about our School College catering please do not hesitate to contact Contracts Manager direct at:-

Capsicum Catering, 8 Beresford Street, St Helier, JE1 5JP.

Mobile Tel: 07797710594


Our Standards and Objectives

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Our partnership with the States of Jersey Education and Health Departments is for a three year journey to bring healthier school meals to selected States secondary school pupils in Jersey.

The new standards for school food which have been introduced by the State’s Education Department include replacing deep fried foods, sweets and crisps with healthier options.

Jersey’s Education Director has said there were links between diet, learning and behaviour and sensible choices about food was a part of equation.

He said eating healthier school dinners would give children in Jersey the best chance to fulfil their potential.

The Jersey School Food Standards will ensure the quality of food served in States island schools reflects the principle of a healthy, balanced diet and will be phased in over a three-year period in consultation with students.

Medical Officer of Health, Dr Rosemary Geller said: “Providing healthy food in schools is vital if we are to be anIisland that prioritises our children’s health.

“Giving students the opportunity to choose freshly prepared, nutritious and balanced school meals will hopefully foster an enjoyment of healthy food that will encourage young people to continue to eat in the same way throughout their lives.”

Our company guaranteed standards promise:-

  • Follow all guidelines set out in the Jersey School Food Standards
  • Reducing the amounts of sugar, salt and fat in our dishes
  • Make food tasty and fun
  • Involve the children and schools in the teaching and understanding of seasonal food produce
  • Menu planning to ensure that healthy choices are always available for children
  • Enhance children/parent communication and information to allow them to easily make their healthy choices